A job is a paid position of regular employment, providing means to survive, and (hopefully) offers some level of personal fulfillment. Jobs are never easy, however there are some that carry more negative consequences than others… some that spill over into our personal lives, causing irreversible damage. It is extremely unfortunate that certain jobs are more likely to lead to divorce than others, and some might surprise you. Some may not.

Check out our list for 10 Jobs with the highest divorce rates:

10. Paralegals and legal assistants: 22.01%

9. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides: 22.82%

8. Waiters and waitresses: 22.84%

7. Dispatchers: 46.6%

6. Dancers and choreographers: 46.8%

5. Massage therapists: 47.8%

4. Telemarketers: 49.2%

3. Gaming Services Workers: 50.3%

2. Flight attendants: 50.5%

1. Bartenders: 52.7%

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