What is Attorney Docs?

Attorney Docs is an online marketplace for legal professionals. We specialize in user-generated content such as briefs, motions, case law, etc. Here lawyers can take their old case files, typically just taking up storage space in their office or on their hard drives, and turn them into a new stream of revenue. We are enabling attorneys, firms, students, paralegals etc. to earn money off the sale of their legal documents that otherwise would have gone unused. Our product also serves as a legal repository for anybody to search for and purchase motions, briefs or other legal documents that will enable them to more steadfastly represent their clients.

What types of documents can be sold here?

We are an open marketplace whereat an attorney can upload and sell any legal material that he or she finds to be of value.

What categories of legal material are bought and sold on the marketplace?

We are open to help you buy and sell a wide range of material dealing with a myriad of practice areas, including: Criminal law, Fiduciary Law, Family Law, Probate, Personal Injury, Immigration Law, Juvenile Law, etc. etc.

Is it legal to sell old case law documents?

Absolutely! What is a matter of public record can be sold on our marketplace.

What does it cost to sell items on the marketplace?

Nothing! Anyone can sell their case material and set their price for it. We will provide you with a framework of what we recommend you to charge for your materials but you set the initial asking price. Members of the website receive 50% of the transaction while non-members take home 40% of the materials sold on our marketplace.

How much can I make off selling my old legal documents?

Your revenue potential is limitless! You set the asking price for your materials and are able to adjust that price according to your sales flow. If a document is priced lower, you might find it sells more. However if you have a document that you feel is of particular specialization, you can set your initial asking price to be whatever you would like it to be. The more specialized material may call for a higher asking price based on supply and demand. For members of the site, you take home 50% of whatever you sell while non-members take home 40% of their sales.

What are some of the benefits of subscribing to a yearly membership to our site?

Attorney Docs Membership is filled with benefits including personalized account assistance, personalized product assistance, access to our Message Boards, consideration for spotlighted content contributor (which we use to help further promote your products and services), full account dashboard where you can post background information and bio of your legal background as well as track your sales, 24/7 tech support, M-F 9am-5pm (MDST) sales support. Convinced? Sign up for our yearly membership today! (link to membership signup portal) Still have some questions? Click here (link to Support Page) to speak with one of our staff members.

When /How do I receive payment for my sales?

The fastest way to receive your money is through the use of your PayPal Account. If you do not have a PayPal account you will receive payment, once a month via check.

How do I keep track of my products and how they are selling?

All Content Contributors have access to their real-time sales history via their dashboard. Members enjoy the benefit of a full-blown sales dashboard with tools and features that allow them to maximize the placement, presentation and categorization of their documents.

Am I able to adjust the price of my materials after initially uploading them?

Yes. You may adjust the price of your documents as you see fit. As your products mature, you will receive price feedback in two manners. One, all the products on the marketplace are peer reviewed and supplemented by customer comments and follow up questions. Secondly, the Sellers Dashboard allows them to track sales, click traffic and overall popularity of their item based on search terms and keyword phrases. These two metrics will allow sellers to gauge whether or not their products are priced according to their demand, rarity and quality.

Will I still retain ownership of products I sell on the marketplace?

Yes. All ownership rights of products sold on the marketplace are retained by the initial seller.

How do I know what information to redact (if any) on the documents and products I am putting up for sell?

Each seller is obligated to be aware of any state or federal disclosure guidelines. For state level products, the statutes and protocols differ in terms of what must be redacted from public documents. For example, in the state of Colorado any and all names of juveniles must be kept private on any public legal documents. Therefore if a Colorado-based attorney wants to upload a case file from a juvenile case, he or she must redact any instance of names listed on said document prior to upload. Each seller retains ownership of their products and therefore the sellers are liable for any wrongful disclosures of personal identity. If a seller has any questions regarding what, if any, information needs to be redacted from their products, they are encouraged to refer to their local legal statutes, or marketplace members can contact a sales advocate with any and all questions.

Can I remove my products from the marketplace after uploading?


How many products can I upload for sale on the marketplace?

As many as you so desire. We are an open marketplace whereat, there are no limitations on the amount of products you put up for sale.

How do I know my products and information is secure?

Our marketplace was built with top-notch, state-of-the-art security. Our servers are null and key encrypted. Our skilled staff of database administrators work tirelessly to ensure server continuity and data integrity. In addition, all transactions are processed through an extended SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. In other words, buying and selling items on our site is just as safe as on e-commerce sites such as amazon and e-bay.

Can I get a refund for something I purchased on the marketplace?

Our refund policy is as follows:

If there’s a problem with the resource you’ve purchased, you may request a refund for any of these reasons:

– The resource file is damaged or is missing content.
– The seller’s preview and/or description of the resource was misleading or misrepresentative.
– You’re unable to access a resource because the seller did not state technical requirements.
– You accidentally purchased a resource twice.
– Once in a while, a seller accidentally uploads the wrong file. In this case, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll ask the seller to upload the correct file. If the problem isn’t resolved in a timely manner, we can cancel your order and refund you the purchase price.

Please keep in mind that outside of those reasons stated above, all sales on our marketplace are final. If you have general feedback regarding the item, consider sharing your thoughts with the seller on his or her profile page to help improve the overall quality of the product.

What is a want board?

By simply posting what you need on our Want Board, you’ll be notified when our team finds exactly what you’re looking for.

Can I upload more than one document for one, individual project?


How do I access my purchases?

Login to the site and click the top right hand link that says “Welcome, Customer Name”. Click on the Dashboard link. From their your purchases can be accessed by clicking the “My Purchases” tab.