Border Talk

All this talk about the U.S.- Mexico border wall has divided the masses politically, but has anyone actually seen the “Great Wall” our president refers to as an example: the West Bank Barrier?

Luckily, one of our members have contributed their visit to Israel, and provided us with some important facts that are conveniently left out of discussion:

  • The West Bank Barrier was constructed during the Second Intifada that began in September 2000. It’s construction was primarily-needed for to stop the wave of terrorists attacks (mostly suicide bombers) and unwanted refugees.
  • The results are undeniable. Since the construction of the West Bank Barrier, violence has been reduced substantial, and the percent of illegal immigrants entering the country have declined.
  • Approximately 90%+ of the West Bank Barrier is an actual fence, and only 10% or less is a concrete wall. The true reason they constructed a concrete wall at all is to avoid sniper and long-ranged gun attacks in populated areas.
  • Most interesting, the fence is equipped with an electronic system. Whereby anyone who approaches the fence, including climbing over or digging under, will set off electronic signals; all of which triggers border patrol agents to be dispatched within minutes to prevent illegal crossings of the border. Additional high tech monitoring features are employed to help patrol the border.

We all can agree that the U.S. needs to reform its immigration policies and secure its borders, and given the success of the West Bank Barrier, an expansive concrete wall or steel slat wall (the newest proposal) is not the only answer.

Let us know your thoughts!

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