Catching Breaths in Flames

In a hellish written style, fraud was the eight circle of hell that the lost Dante was traveling through in the Inferno. Among these many distinct sectors linked by bridges, the fifth out of eight ditches represents political corruption and links back to similar abuses within the church while pointing ahead to sin of hypocrisy. When a person commits forgery, such people are often charged with the crime of fraud, if the documents pertain to the following: identification cards, contracts, and legal certificates. In Colorado defense lawyers have been fighting the courts to suppress and dismiss the DUI cases that have used the Intoxilyzer to determine if a driver has been driving under the influence. That same intoxilyzer has been certified by a fraudulent signature.

Laura Gillim-Ross was the assumed Director- Laboratory Services Division with her mechanical signature affixed to the Intox Certificates and the Lab Certificates. You know, the certificates that… Well the doctor didn’t mind taking a leave of absence from her government job to work for a private employment at Lab Corp, Inc. the date of July 31, 2015 while her names were still being printed for the breath tests. So wait, wouldn’t that make certificates submitted after July 31, 2015 forgeries, she wasn’t the director of Laboratory Services and hasn’t returned to the position… learn more about the issue here:

DUI Convictions getting overturned in Colorado

It seems to me that the use of forged certificates violates due process, and such cases that concern the use of these breath intoxilyzers introduces a multitude of ways to capsize collateral challenges to priors in multiple cases and felonies. These recent cases in Colorado concerning the use of these falsified breath test instruments have proved true to the discharged and these professionals would like to share them with you- a lawyer providing help to another. Click Here to Download!