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A contract used for writers or individuals that want to hire a writer for a magazine, book or novel. Sample contract to use to hire a freelance writer. Writers are now going freelance or independent, they need to make sure they are protected. this contract protects both parties.



What is a Freelance Writer Contract?

A freelance writer contract is a written and signed agreement between a company or individual interested in hiring an independent freelance writer and the freelance writer him/herself.

This agreement is used to outline important details so that each party clearly understands the expectations for the writing service, such as, but not limited to:

  • What services the writer will provide
  • Information on payment to the writer – When he/she will receive payment for the services and the payment amount
  • Important information such as deadlines, how long and how often services will be needed, and what tasks are included in the job
  • Who will have ownership rights of the writing piece, otherwise known as intellectual property, once it has been delivered
  • A confidentiality clause to protect sensitive information
  • Most importantly – Signatures of both the client and service provider along with the date the contract was signed

Freelance writing contracts are used to protect both party’s rights and responsibilities, and to detail requirements of the project.

Once terms are negotiated and then agreed upon, both the client and writer sign the contract showing that they agree to the terms of the contract.

Do I Need a Contract for Writing Services?

A contract is not legally necessary; however, by having one in place, both parties have a clear understanding of the important details of the contract. In some ways, a contract is similar to insurance… it may never need to be looked at again, but if a problem arises, it is there to spell out the details.

Many would argue that although it is not required, it is extremely important to have in place so that if a problem arises, there is documentation to back up what was originally agreed upon by both parties.

How to Make a Contract for Freelance Writers

A freelancer writing agreement can vary greatly depending upon the amount of detail needed for the parties to come to an agreement for service. Contracts can be drawn up by either party involved. All terms should be carefully read and negotiated if necessary.

Some writing agreements range from just a few simple terms to several pages of detailed stipulations. The type of assignment often dictates how detailed a contract needs to be.

How Easy is it to Write a Binding Contract?

Writing the contract agreement on your own is possible but is sometimes not recommended. Some writing contracts require more complicated phrasing.

The following examples would be best left in the hands of a professional:

  • Does the writing piece require confidentiality?
  • Will the article be copyrighted?
  • Would you, as the author, like to be able to use it in your own writing portfolio?
  • Is a nondisclosure clause required?

If you do choose to write it yourself, it would be a good idea to have an attorney look it over to be sure that it is not missing any key points.

Because freelance contracts are legally binding documents, hiring a lawyer to write it for you may be your best option. A professional attorney knows what the most important points are and knows the legal language necessary to write it.

How Much Would an Attorney Charge for Creating a Writing Template?

The cost to have a lawyer draft a solid freelance writing contract depends upon how detailed the contract needs to be. A contract draft could range anywhere from $200 to upwards of $4,000.

We can provide you a free estimate of what the cost will be for writing freelancer writing contracts with the information that you need included. Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information on our contract writing services.

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