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This letter is used by individuals and companies that may have negative credit reporting on their credit report and they are asking the credit agency to make changes to the report. The sample letter includes the following language:  I sent you a letter requesting you to remove inaccurate information from my credit report. But, I find after reviewing my report with your bureau, that the disputed item is still listed.



How to Remove Negative Items From Your Credit Report Yourself?

Ideally, your credit report should be an accurate, detailed reflection of your financial history, but mistakes do happen more often than you might think. When identifying mistakes on your credit report, you’ll be in need of a removal request letter.

Incorrect information on your report could be causing your score to drop without you even knowing it. This could be accounts that do not actually belong to you or outdated negative information that’s still being reported.

With laws in place, if you find mistakes in your report, legally you can dispute them and the bureaus are obligated to remove those mistakes. Some common areas where people find mistakes are accounts still staying open when they have been closed, or payments saying they were late when in fact a person has paid on time.

How do you get rid of a delinquent account or negative items on an account?

There is also a chance that someone with similar identifying information like name or SSN, showing up on your report. This would mean you need to report something on your account that isn’t yours.

How do you get rid of something on your credit account?

The first thing to do is get a free copy of your report. You can easily do this online. Check for any things that look off or irregular. Highlight the things you want to dispute and gather the information needed for each item to claim.

To dispute any incorrect information you can either go to the bureaus website directly or send a removal request letter. To prove the mistakes, you may need to collect additional documentation as proof, like W-2s, paystubs, or bank statements. Including as much documentation as possible will benefit you to show you do not have negative items on your account.

If you notice the mistake is on more than one bureau you will have to dispute it with each entity. Once you have submitted all of the documentation to remove something off your account you will need to check on the claim review status. If the bureaus find that there has indeed been a mistake they will remove it and you can watch your credit score improve.

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