Texas Residential Lease Agreement

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Downloadable Texas Residential Lease Agreement 

The term of a residential lease agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and his tenant containing all the details of renting out a house or apartment.




Downloadable Texas Residential Lease Agreement

What is the Texas Residential Lease Agreement?

Residential lease agreements are legally binding contracts between a landlord and his tenant and contain all the terms for renting a house or apartment. Alternatively, this agreement is referred to as an apartment agreement or a landlord-tenant lease.

How do I write a Lease Agreement, is there a template?

You can use our available template to make your Residential Lease Agreement with ease. By utilizing this template, you will ensure that your business is legally protected. 

Are Texas Residential Lease Agreement legally binding? 

As long as your Residential Lease Agreement is a certified legal document then it is legally binding. Our selection of certified documents lets you be sure the document is valid. Our legal experts review all accredited documents to ensure its’ legitimacy.

What should be included in a Rental Lease Agreement? 

The main thing that should be included in a Texas residential lease agreement is the terms for renting the house or apartment in question. This rental lease agreement Texas includes:

  • description of when the lease agreement was made
  • between who the agreement was made
  • the location of the premises
  • the terms included in the agreement
  • the amount the rent is per month
  • the security deposit
  • use of premises
  • smoking
  • management
  • how many authorized occupants
  • furnishing provided
  • how damages would be fixed
  • information about the keys
  • the type of storage provided
  • parking
  • maintenance
  • utilities and services
  • taxes
  • property insurance
  • non-sufficient funds
  • failure to pay, defaults
  • termination upon sale of premises
  • early termination clause
  • military termination clause
  • destruction or condemnation of premises
  • habitability
  • holdover
  • cumulative right
  • remodeling or structural improvements
  • access by landlord to premises
  • indemnity regarding use of premises
  • accommodation
  • dangerous materials
  • asbestos
  • compliance with regulations
  • subletting
  • individual liability
  • inspection of premises
  • nuisance
  • lead disclosure
  • mold
  • hazardous materials disclosure
  • Governing law
  • entire agreement
  • waiver
  • tenant representation
  • binding effect
  • dispute resolution
  • receipt
  • and inspection checklist

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