Holiday DUI’s

Each holiday season, thousands of people are arrested and cited for DUI’s, and many others lose their lives. The happiest of times is, sadly, one of the deadliest with an average of 414 car fatalities per year.

Why is there a high rate of DUI’s during the holiday season?

AAA has estimated that 96.8 million people travel during the holiday season to see family and friends, and the majority of people will travel by car. NHTSA also found that nearly half of all traffic fatalities on January 1 are a result of alcohol consumption, which is the most of any U.S. holiday. However, New Year’s isn’t the most dangerous day to drive, it is the most dangerous holiday for a pedestrian (read more).

How can you prevent DUI’s or stay safe?

You can prevent drunk driving through different activities, such as: becoming a reminder for followers on social media, sponsoring free cab rides to those who have had too much to drink, or by sharing safe party guides. Also use caution whether you’re on the road or the sidewalk during this specific period of time.

If you get a DUI, what should you do?

You might want to get a lawyer to represent you in court for your arraignment in order to help you decide if you should plead guilty to your DUI charge, go to trial or ask for a plea bargain. If it’s your first offense, a plea bargain may be a good idea and could reduce your charge to something like reckless driving. 

Documents you need for a DUI…

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