It’s not surprising to experience a trigger of anxiety at a day of work, and for legal professionals this is normal, but taken to the extreme can break down even the strongest of people. To handle stress, regardless of the degree, it is best to acknowledge the situation, its causation, and the proper delivery before a decisive action is taken.

Though easier said than done, many professionals, especially lawyers, always look out for what is or can go wrong, and that is where they both succeed and fail. The reasoning is the primary character traits are unobserved; the two that cause the individual to be excessively-detail oriented also causes the individual to eventually surrender to their stress and anxiety. The two traits are perfectionism and pessimism.

Paid legal professionals are expected to predict and to anticipate threats, so developing these two traits is essential in law school. However, this overdeveloped sense of control can erupt when things don’t go as planned, transforming that perfecting mindset into one that is convinced nothing is good enough. In addition, with added negativity from the pessimistic trait, the anxiety will worsen until longer-lasting effects occur… so how can you fix this?

Simple, change your mindset, even if it is brief. Lean towards the blissful optimism and away from the negative. Not every situation can or will be controlled, but you, the professional you are and the image you represent can be. Shape yourself into someone you and everyone can benefit from, regardless of how terrible the situation may be. If you feel the bearing weight of anxiety or stress, break from normality, and stay positive.

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