Important Lawyer Tips Chapter 2 – Advise Clients and Witnesses on Courtroom Attire

Chapter 2:


As I was sitting in the lobby of the courtroom waiting for my client to show up, I noticed a young man getting out his car with gym shorts, a under shirt white tank top (commonly known as a wife beater), gym shoes, and basketball high top shoes.  As he entered the court house and walked through the lobby, horror overwhelmed me as I knew that this hood looking gym rat was my client showing up to his sentencing like this. Worst of it all, the earrings and tattoos stood out more than the attire, and even though it’s a fashion style, it reminds legal professionals of gang related art work.  Although it seems like dressing for court should be looked upon by everyone, as if they are dressing for church or a friend’s wedding, not everyone gets that idea. In fact, over twenty years of practice I am surprised by the lack of respect people have shown our judicial system in the way they dress or even get ready for court (animal costumes included). Whether you’re a witness, a juror, or a party to the case looking and dressing respectable can go a long way in the courtroom; and the more presentable you are the better you sentencing could be as recorded in this article:

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So, whether you represent someone in a criminal case, divorce case or a civil case it is always a good idea to remind your clients, jurors, and their witnesses to dress the part. As much as everyone would like to wear their comfortable clothes to the courtroom, it is not advised.