Investment Opportunities

AttorneyDocs is currently seeking second round of investment in order for us to continue our development and improvement of our technological foothold. Our initial round of angel investment took place four years ago, consisting of small investments from a number of individuals. With that initial round of investment, we began to build out our business concept. Launching under the Brand, Over the period of 2.5 years, we were able to demonstrate that the concept for a Legal Marketplace was sound and novel.

After 2.5 years of operation, our company invested heavily in a transition to a new brand which came to be called, AttorneyDocs. Over the course of several months we worked tirelessly to build and launch our new and vastly improved website. boasts of a scaled down and more simplistic user experience, to the benefit of our users. Accordingly, our user base steadily increased after launching our new site.

We are seeking another round of funding for which we will be able to continue improving user access and convenience. Additionally, we plan to use funding to launch numerous marketing campaigns in order to increase our user base. Based on our company's history, we foresee growth on a macro level.

For information regarding investments we encourage you to check out our Investment Deck and fill out the form below. After which you will be contacted by a senior level associate from our Finance team.

Thank you for your interest in!