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But we needed a change. Our newest creation is online, and ready to enhance your legal experience. We present to you- Attorney Docs.

Attorney Docs is an online marketplace for legal professionals to buy and sell legal documents much like our previous site Lawyers Help Lawyers; but we enhanced the user ability and membership portion for everyone to use and start earning money off the documents they have. We specialize in user-generated content such as briefs, motions, case law, and we are enabling attorneys, firms, students, paralegals to earn money from the sale of their legal documents, to which they have already created. It’s a marketplace for lawyers, paralegals, law students, professors, clerks, judges, even Supreme Court Judges to buy and sell documents, or anyone for that matter…

Our new marketplace is filled with thousands of professional documents, separated by over 60 categories of law. The document library itself, spans many states and federal court districts. Simply search by entering keywords or search by location / district you are looking for. You can also post the type of document your searching for on our community want board. Attorney Docs is more than just a remake of the best online market place for legal professionals, but it’s also a legal community the provides information, updated news, and of course their documents for all its subscribers and customers. Thus, providing a solid database for law students to build around and grow with.

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