“My Dad’s a Liar”

For a film centered around law, there is very little discussed, and more of a focus on the ruse of lying. Sure, its illegal to lie, especially in the court of law and when concerning divorce cases; but there are always an elaborate defense to such measures, especially when minors enter into a contract- and in this case, it is the movies enforceable-prenuptial agreement.

To recap:

Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey) is a conniving-ace attorney with a dishonest tongue that ruins his relationships. His wife (Maura Tierney) has left him for someone more dependable, and his son (Justin Cooper) just wishes that his dad would stop lying for 24 hours. To everyone’s hilarious surprise, the wish comes true, and Fletcher finds out that he can only speak the truth. Trouble is, it happens on the final day of his career-deciding court case.

In the interest of time, Fletcher realizes that his own client, Samantha (Jennifer Tilly) was under the age of 18 when she signed her marriage contract. So after this submission, Fletcher reveals that their jurisdiction is one of several that requires an individual to be 18 years old to enter into the contract. Through proper foundation work, and a bit of Jim Carrey’s physical comedy, the animated attorney impugns the reputation of his own client and reveals that there was no parental consent; so, the waiver of spousal support, the pivotal drive for the protagonists initial action, is unenforceable.

Here’s our Analysis for Basic No-No’s- Liar Liar

Although Carrey can be a convincing actor, his character possesses flaws in his argument, primarily his stance that when a minor signs a contract it can be voidable. Now, that’s not exactly how law works. You see, minors can form or sign a contract underage, but when that individual reaches the age of majority- that specific contract can be ratified or voided. Fletcher’s final argument wouldn’t end the case in any situation, more so expand, and since Samantha agreed to lying about her age, she also committed fraud; which in some scenarios can be used as an act of defense.

Regardless, be extremely careful of signing or entering into a contract with any person under the legal age. There are famous cases revolving around this particular issue, and its better not to be caught in one of them. Especially if you have a lawyer that can’t lie for you.

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