While most of us have been spending time looking at the new tax laws, immigration laws, or legality of marijuana, states have also put hundreds of new laws on the books that are greatly looked over. These laws, that took effect on Jan. 1st, might just impact your 2018:

  1. Millennials rejoice, pets really are your children!

If you live in Illinois and are getting divorced, there might be a custody battle headed your way even if you don’t have children. A new law allows the judge to decide who gets to take home your beloved family pet. Before the law was put in place, animals were normally treated like property rather than individuals. They were divided equally amongst the estate, like you might do with a furniture set. Now with the new law in place, Illinois judges will now treat your pet as they do children, making a merit based custody decision that’s in the best interest of the pet.

  1. Texans can get all the calcium they need!

We know you were probably deeply concerned that most trucks are only allowed to carry 80,000 lbs. of milk per delivery. Now, thanks to a new law, truck delivering milk in Texas can carry a whole 10,000 more lbs. of your cookie dipping partner. While it’s not clear where the law originated from, it is helpful for businesses in the milk buying or selling arena. Side note: this only pertains to “fluid” milk.

  1. Lions, tigers, and bears goodbye.

In another “common sense” law, South Carolina has outlawed domestic sale and ownership of exotic animals. Viral videos of baby tigers playing on a couch might take a hit, but overall the law is expected to help with conservation and animal abuse efforts.  

  1. Haircut house calls.

In other laws you didn’t know existed, Tennessee barbers used to be shackled to their stores, unable to make house calls unless a client was severely ill or disabled. Now your friendly neighborhood barber is welcome to walk up to your door and give you that good clean shave and haircut on the comfort of your own couch! 2018 is shaping up to be the year of convenience.

  1. Tobacco joins the same ranks as alcohol…

For those completely unaware, Oregon joined the ranks of California and Hawaii, becoming the third state in the union to increase its legal smoking age to 21. Tobacco and related products such as pipes, vaporizing devices, etc. will now only be available to those 21 years and older. Breaking with most of the state’s 18 years of age law. They expect initial push-back from younger voters, but believe the law will eventually settle, since it was pushed through because of widespread public health concerns over teenage tobacco use.

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