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Legal professionals practicing in states such as Wisconsin, are in need of accessing attorney certified documents. Fortunately, a recent register, Christina Valiauga, has uploaded a number of documents from the state of Wisconsin. Check them out here:

  1. Operating Agreement For A Single Member LLC — WI
    1. This is required for new businesses in the State of Wisconsin that are going to be operated as a single member LLC/sole-proprietorship. Banks will require this form when opening bank accounts or lines of credit for the business.
  2. Defendant’s Petition – Leave to File Appeal
    1. This is a state of Wisconsin, Court of Appeals, District II, defendant’s petition for leave to appeal a non-final order and memorandum in support of defendant’s petition for leave to appeal non-final order. This was used in a case alleging felony voter fraud. The appeal was done in regards to jury instruction prior to deliberation.
  3. Physician Form – Probate – Determination of Incapacity
    1. This form is required by Probate Court in Wisconsin when attempting to gain control over a person’s estate and/or person due to incompetence.

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