In 2015, an attorney who has practiced law for a score of years in the State of Colorado came to a sudden realization: lawyers don’t help one another like they are led to believe. The legal community has a variety of professionals that provide the best and passionate representation for their clients, so why not have those individuals influence the rest of us?

This realization led to the creation of a website where legal professionals could share their work product with their colleagues. In the summer of 2015, the founder of Lawyers Help Lawyers pulled together a team of family and friends to raise an initial investment of $100,000.00 for development and beta testing of the website.

Patterned after the successful website, our founder put together a team of experts in law, IT, business, and marketing to develop The building and launch of the website was completed on schedule and within our initial budget, but ongoing build up of the product database has continued since the initial website launch, and still growing!

An additional investment round was raised to help build up the number of products and pay for continued marketing and development. Over the recent months our database has increased from 1,000 documents to 6,000 documents/products. is the only website of its kind for legal professional groups.

No other website exists where legal professionals can sell and buy legal work products. Legalzoom and Rocketlawyers are websites that sell legal forms to the public and are not sold by practicing legal professionals. Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw offer templates and legal research options, but do not offer an open marketplace bringing legal professionals together.

This revolutionary change in the legal workflow is both time saving and cost-effective and it all starts here at