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Recently our team has received some great inquires about AttorneyDocs, so we have provided a quick reader’s guide into how our website can help you:

First and foremost, AttorneyDocs is about supporting your job, increasing your productivity and providing legal professionals another form of income. If you work or practice in the legal profession, that meaning: judges, attorneys, paralegals, clerks, even law students, have the opportunity to turn their work product into money by using our marketplace.


Our marketplace provides reliable and accurate legal documents to help attorneys, paralegals and students find the right reference for their needs. We help the legal community be more productive by providing a platform with instant access to quality reference materials.


We accept all types of legal documents, and upon request, we can even redact your documents (removing names, places, etc.) for you. Your document will be previewed in a secure manner and instantly showcased in our Marketplace, where you can price it accordingly. Whenever you sell a document, 60% of the sale goes right into your wallet.

The opportunity to sell documents as legal reference material creates a way for our users to share their insight while making extra money for work that they already completed.

Creating an account is simple and easy, so you will be ready to start making you money. Your profile consists of you professional & education background, the type of law you practice, location, your picture or firm logo along with linking out to social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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