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Motion to Permit Telephonic Appearance of Counsel

When a party wishes to attend a hearing remotely via telephone, the request can be made by case litigants, attorneys or other case participants for eligible hearing types only.

These are known as telephonic appearances, and they are connected directly with the courtroom’s public address system and electronic recording equipment. 

Although telephonic appearances are allowed in non-evidentiary, preliminary, or pretrial hearings without prior approval of the Court; please be aware that individuals making telephonic appearances do so at their own risk. 

Most hearings will require a fee to be paid (via credit card) at the time the appearance is scheduled; also, when scheduling a remote appearance, you must know the case number. 

If an individual schedules a telephonic appearance and then fails to respond to the call of a matter on the calendar, the court may pass the matter and treat the failure to respond as a failure to appear.

Hearings will not be rescheduled due to missed connections, and scheduling simultaneous telephonic appearances in multiple courts does not excuse a failure to appear.

Participants should be able to hear all parties without difficulty when connected, including echo and other interference. To ensure the quality of the record, the use of cellular phones is prohibited except in the most extreme emergencies. However, if a cellular phone disconnects during a hearing, the party appearing on cellular phone will be deemed to have waived his or her appearance.

If, at any time during a hearing, conference, or proceeding conducted by telephone, the court determines that a personal appearance is necessary, the court may continue the matter and require a personal appearance

Do you need to make a telephonic appearance?

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