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AttorneyDocs was founded by an attorney with 25 years of practicing experience. Our goal is to provide reliable and accurate legal documents to help attorneys, paralegals and students find the right reference for their needs. We help the legal community be more productive by providing a platform with instant access to quality reference materials. The opportunity to sell documents as legal reference material creates a way for our users to share their insight while making extra money for work that they already completed.

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Needed a motion in a pinch. I bought one from the site and instantly had it in my download box. I was pleased with the professional formatting. All I had to do was change out client names and remove anything that isn't relevant and file the document in court.

Theresa Morris
Law Firm of Willis & Klein

I have been a practicing attorney for over 15 years specializing in immigration law. I decided to upload some of my immigration court documents on this site because they can be used in federal jurisdiction. So far I have made 14 sales and counting. A good way to make extra money for work you've already done.

Immigration Attorney

I am a new student studying to be a paralegal. One of my first assignments was to draw up a motion for breach of contract. The only thing the professor gave us ahead of time was the fact pattern of the case. So I went out searching for a motion to see how they were generally written. I found multiple breach of contract motions on this site and they proved to be extremely helpful.

Jordyn Borrego
Parlegal Student