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AttorneyDocs was founded by an attorney with 25 years of practice experience. Our goal is to provide reliable and accurate legal documents created by trained professionals. We help the community be more productive by providing instant access to quality reference materials.

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How Attorney Docs Have Helped

I have been a practicing attorney for over 15 years specializing in immigration law. I decided to upload some of my immigration court documents on this site because they can be used in federal jurisdiction. So far I have made 14 sales and counting. A good way to make extra money for work you’ve already done.

Joy Athanasiou

Immigration Attorney

I needed a motion in a pinch, and was pleased to immediately find it on the site. The format was professional, and all I had to do before I filed the document in court was change out the client names and remove anything that wasn’t relevant. The process was quick and easy, and now I use this marketplace every time I need any type of legal document.

Maurice Henry

Criminal Defense Attorney

As a new paralegal student, one of my first assignments was to draw up a motion for breach of contract. The only thing the professor gave us ahead of time was the fact pattern of the case, and I felt overwhelmed. By chance, I discovered this website and found multiple breach of contract motions almost instantly. This proved to be extremely helpful and it’s all thanks to AttorneyDocs.

Stephanie Gonzales

Paralegal Student

Legal Documents…

Common Questions

What format will my document come in?

All of the legal documents that we sell are in MS Word format (.docx, .doc) for fast and familiar workflow.  This makes them completely editable to your needs.

Why should I buy legal documents here?

All of our products are verified legal documents drafted by real attorneys. So, when you buy from AttorneyDocs you’re buying a legally certified document that was written by an actual attorney! We don’t waste your time with cheap “template forms” like other legal websites.

How long will I have access to my purchase?

You will have lifetime access to any document that you buy on AttorneyDocs. No problem if you lose track of your file, you can always re-download it inside of your User Dashboard.

Can I preview the document prior to purchasing it?

Yes, each document has a preview so you know exactly what you are buying. Buyers can purchase with confidence thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any problems with a purchase, simply email [email protected]

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Are you an attorney that has legal documents to sell? Sell them here!

learn how selling works