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95% of the legal documents that we sell are in MS Word format (.docx, .doc) for fast and familiar workflow.  This makes them completely editable to your needs. 

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All of our products are verified legal documents drafted by real attorneys. So, when you buy from AttorneyDocs you’re buying a legally certified document that was written by an actual attorney! We don’t waste your time with cheap “template forms” like other legal websites.

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Yes, each document has a preview so you know exactly what you are buying. Buyers can purchase with confidence thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any problems with a purchase, simply email [email protected]

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I have a new client who I took over for a colleague who sadly passed away before my client's trial started. Is there a verifiable motion that will argue my client deserves the trial to be postponed to allow his new representation have adequate time to prepare for his defense? It is a federal case. My client has been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute.

Jess Henderson Los Gatos, CA Subpoena, Criminal Defense

03/22/20 open, no answers yet

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I have to subpoena an out of state witness. Is there a motion to allow this person to testify via web or phone conference?

Darryl S. Logan, CT Criminal Defense

03/17/20 open, no answers yet

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How Attorney Docs Have Helped

I have been a practicing attorney for over 15 years specializing in immigration law. I decided to upload some of my immigration court documents on this site because they can be used in federal jurisdiction. So far I have made 14 sales and counting. A good way to make extra money for work you've already done.

Joy Athanasiou

Immigration Attorney

I needed a motion in a pinch, and was pleased to immediately find it on the site. The format was professional, and all I had to do before I filed the document in court was change out the client names and remove anything that wasn’t relevant. The process was quick and easy, and now I use this marketplace every time I need any type of legal document.

Maurice Henry

Criminal Defense Attorney

As a new paralegal student, one of my first assignments was to draw up a motion for breach of contract. The only thing the professor gave us ahead of time was the fact pattern of the case, and I felt overwhelmed. By chance, I discovered this website and found multiple breach of contract motions almost instantly. This proved to be extremely helpful and it’s all thanks to AttorneyDocs.

Stephanie Gonzales

Paralegal Student

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