Leonard A. Martinez

AttorneyDocs Founder & CEO, Leonard A. Martinez

Leonard MartinezBorn and raised in Denver, Colorado by a politically active family, Leonard Martinez has always had a passion for using the law to protect and empower his community.

In fact, it’s his strong personal touch and ability to easily anticipate the needs of his clients that sets him apart from most other litigation attorneys.

As the founder of Leonard A. Martinez & Associates, P.C., his areas of practice focus on personal injury, criminal defense, civil litigation, employment law, contract litigation, and family law.

Known in his community for working on non-profit boards and coaching youth sports, Leonard loves to lead by example when it comes to transforming his community.

This trust and deep connection with his community reflects in his legal work too. Most of his clients found him through personal referrals, not through any ads.

Early Career Highlights

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Metropolitan State College in 1990, Leonard went on to graduate with a Juris Doctorate degree from The University of Denver College of Law in 1995.

He then started his legal career as an intern in the Legislative Affairs Department in the East Wing of the White House under former President Bill Clinton.

Leonard went on to run several political campaigns after completing his internship and then transitioned over into litigation. He worked for several different law firms until 2001 when he decided to branch out and start his own firm.

Rogel RallyAfter securing a partner, who has since moved to Florida, Leonard founded The Denver Legal Team in Lakewood, Colorado, which he has served for the past 20 years.

When the firm first opened, The Denver Legal Team primary focused on civil litigation, which included personal injury, criminal defense, and family law.

However, Leonard and his firm have received the most recognition for their success in winning tough criminal law cases.

Although in the last ten years they have not spent time or money on advertising, the firm continues to go strong based upon client referrals, which means a great deal to both Leonard and his team.

How AttorneyDocs Was Born

After 24 years of practice, Leonard saw both old and new cases beginning to stack up. Being in a small firm, his team did not have the resources enjoyed by larger firms. As a solution, he became inspired to start a web-based tech company.

In 2015, AttorneyDocs became the first and only open online marketplace for law students, paralegals, and other legal professionals to safely buy and sell their work products.

For example, attorneys could sell old case documents, making a profit for themselves and saving time for others.

Fortunately, AttorneyDocs now offers access to the general public as well. As a result, any user can purchase legal documents that are editable in Microsoft Word.

AttorneyDocs offers over 10,000 documents from all 50 states as well as many from other countries.

A recent review calls it “An Ebay for lawyers.”

In his spare time, Leonard is currently a high school football coach at alma mater Mullen High School in Denver. In 2018 and 2019, Leonard also did pro-bono work for the Southwest Immigration project, focusing on families who were being separated at the border.

Leonard says that you can’t spell ‘community’ without ‘unity.’

His goal is to live by example to bring his community together through positive personal involvement.

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