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What is a Deferment Letter Due to COVID-19? Taking out a loan and finding out that you may not be able to pay it back on time may require you

This is a generic land contract for NY, to be used when someone can not get traditional bank financing and seller whats to do a land contract. additional disclosures may be needed if property built before 1978 such as lead disclosure.

This product states the lienholder, when the agreement was dated, and optional notary.

Letter Requesting Relief for Rent Payment - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Legal Document: A letter to use while the COVID 19 for payment of rent. A good letter to write to a landlord to request some relief for rent payment.

Unopposed Motion for Leave to Allow Defendant's Expert

In the course of a commercial contract it may sometimes be the case that a party is unable to perform their obligations due to an intervening event or circumstance beyond their reasonable control. Many contracts therefore include what is known as a Force Majeure clause – absolving a party of liability for failure to perform…

Motion to lift stay of proceedings in a county court eviction/FED case. For use where defendant files for bankruptcy after judgement for possession, but before writ of restitution is executed. Not applicable if defendant filed their bankruptcy properly, with required certification and posted rent payments with bankruptcy clerk. In that case, see my bankruptcy Motion…

Downloadable Real Estate Purchase Agreement A real estate purchase agreement is a legally binding document that specifies the conditions under which the sale will take place, as well as the terms of the transaction. Use our property purchase agreement template to list all of the important terms in a real estate transaction between a buyer…

A sample letter or template to provide to your landlord during the corona virus indicating the lack of ability to pay rent and a request to delay or abate rent until threat of virus is over.


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