Sex Crimes

Used these sexual assault of a child voir dire questions in defending a highly publicized sexual assault case in October of 2015. Result of trial was a hung jury. Voir dire is the process used by the parties to select a fair and impartial jury. During voir dire, the jury panel is questioned by both parties' lawyers.…

This product is a motion in limine to limit expert testimony in a sex crimes case. This product is legally relevant in all U.S. 50 states and territories. This product comes in .docx (Microsoft Word) format for your convenience. Have any questions regarding this product? Please feel free to email: In U.S. law, a…

Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion to Allow Defendant to Use Victim's Prior Allegations of Sex Abuse

Motion to Allow Defendant to Use Victim's Prior Allegations

Outline for motions regarding practice in sexual assault cases.

Orders an evidentiary hearing to permit questioning of an alleged victim concerning evidence of their prior history and permitting the admission of the matters into evidence at trial.

In a Sexual Assault against a Child case, I use a power point presentation in my closing as demonstrative. The power point presentation has been used successfully by my firm

A Motion to peirce/overcome the Colorado Rape Shield Motion. Sets forth specific facts that a defendant may seek to introduce at trial, but that pursuant to the Colorado Rape Shield Motion is otherwise excluded at trial. Motion must be submitted with the accompanying affidavit under seal at least 35 days prior to trial. - Pursuant…

Moves Court for an order directing the production of complainant's counseling records.

This product is a sample of motion for bill of particulars in a sex crimes case. A Bill of Particulars is defined as: In common law jurisdictions, a bill of particulars is a detailed, formal, written statement of charges or claims by a plaintiff or the prosecutor given upon the defendant's formal request to the…

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