Sex Crimes

Used these sexual assault of a child voir dire questions in defending a highly publicized sexual assault case in October of 2015. Result of trial was a hung jury. Voir dire is the process used by the parties to select a fair and impartial jury. During voir dire, the jury panel is questioned by both parties' lawyers.…

This product is a motion in limine to limit expert testimony in a sex crimes case. This product is legally relevant in all U.S. 50 states and territories. This product comes in .docx (Microsoft Word) format for your convenience. Have any questions regarding this product? Please feel free to email: In U.S. law, a…

Moves Court for an order directing the production of complainant's counseling records.

In a Sexual Assault against a Child case, I use a power point presentation in my closing as demonstrative. The power point presentation has been used successfully by my firm

Motions the Court to allow the Defendant to use the alleged victim's prior allegations of sexual abuse against other individuals and their past behavior at trial.

Moves the Court for an Order Compelling material in discovery.

For defense counsel, closing argument is the last chance to remind the jury of the prosecution's high burden of proof and to persuade the jury that there is, at a minimum, reasonable doubt as to the defendant's guilt.Client was facing 5 counts of sexual assault by two different children. The trial was a three weeks trial. Prosecution had five…

Motions the Court to define statements as inadmissible hearsay outside traditional hearsay expectations as otherwise untrustworthy, unreliable and in violations.

Sex Law product intended to be a guide to drawing a motion to compel records at a treatment center. The product is relevant in all 50 states. The document comes in both .pdf and .docx formats for your convenience. Have any questions regarding this product? Please feel free to email:

Supplemental Demand for Discovery and Inspection in a Sex Crimes Case Supplemental discovery is a later set of questions or requests for information from the opposing party in a lawsuit, such as in the form of interrogatories or requests for production. It is governed by rules of civil procedure, which vary by state, as well…

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