Criminal Law

Used these sexual assault of a child voir dire questions in defending a highly publicized sexual assault case in October of 2015. Result of trial was a hung jury. Voir dire is the process used by the parties to select a fair and impartial jury. During voir dire, the jury panel is questioned by both parties' lawyers.…

Motion for Brady letter, or exculpatory evidence. Exculpatory evidence is evidence in favor of the defendant. Evidence typically can lead to the exoneration of the defendant.

Motion to suppress search and seizure on regards evidence pertained towards the search was obtained illegally and unwarranted.

This includes my cover letter to the court clerk for certified copies, cover letter to the State Attorney's office, cover letter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, cover letter to the court with proposed order, Petition to Expunge, Affidavit of the Defendant/Petitioner and proposed Order. This particular one was filed in Orange County but…

Used this opening statement for a DUI case recently where my client was charged with DUI. He was on side of road sleeping in vehicle with keys in ignition. No one seen him drive nor was there blood or Breath a test give

Defendant seeking to unseal docket entries prior to filing an appeal. US District Court for the District of Arizona

Motion in Limine - Other Crimes and Wrong Acts

Motion in limine to preclude an affirmative defense of unavoidable accident

This product is a motion in limine to limit expert testimony in a sex crimes case. This product is legally relevant in all U.S. 50 states and territories. This product comes in .docx (Microsoft Word) format for your convenience. Have any questions regarding this product? Please feel free to email: In U.S. law, a…

This document states the basic voir dire of getting the panel to talk by gathering information, remind the jury about the truths they already know. This document also contains the jury questionnaire, and a way to develop a challenge for cause.

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