Motion to suppress search and seizure on regards evidence pertained towards the search was obtained illegally and unwarranted.

Used this opening statement for a DUI case recently where my client was charged with DUI. He was on side of road sleeping in vehicle with keys in ignition. No one seen him drive nor was there blood or Breath a test give

The document provides a sample questions that can be used in a voir dire on Driving while impaired cases. There are voire dire question regarding relationships between potential jury and witnesses, scientific testing, officer conduct and alcohol smell and behavior

Motion for new trial regarding DUI case on grounds identification was not requested before arresting defendant.

McNeely Memo - DUI Case File

Motion to suppress questions to the expert who preformed the blood draw related to the case.

Motion to exclude specific instances of conduct witnesses which include attacking or supporting the witness.

A jury Questionnaire that can be used in DUI, DWAI and driving while impaired by marijuana. Both Word format and PDF

Motion to suppress DUI breathalyzer results due to fraudulent certification, or lack of certification.

Motion to enter toxicology reports into evidence relevant to use in trial.

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