Personal Injury

Motion in limine to preclude an affirmative defense of unavoidable accident

This is the certificate for an NY All-Purpose Notary Acknowledgement for any document to be attached OR you can type in the proper wording yourself into your document.

Motion to Permit Amending Complaint to Allege Punitive Damages

Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint & Add Punitive Damages

complaint filed for federal tort claim act for auto accident

A complaint filed against an individual who resides outside the country for injuries he caused in a ski collision

For use for when authenticating business records or documents - such as local governments, vital records, medical, churches, business or organization archives etc.

Amended answer for a auto accident case, whereas the manufacturer was sued for defective vehicle. Sample answers including not doing business in state of Colorado, other affirmative defenses.

Motion in Limine to Preclude Mention that Plaintiff was referred to doctor by Attorney

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