THE DEBTOR, by and through counsel Martinez, Law Firm, LLC, moves this court to avoid judicial lien by stating as follows: 1. Debtor commenced this case on October 19, 2011 by filing a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United States Code. 2. The debtor owns real property occupied…

Motion to lift stay of proceedings in a county court eviction/FED case. For use where defendant files for bankruptcy after judgement for possession, but before writ of restitution is executed. Not applicable if defendant filed their bankruptcy properly, with required certification and posted rent payments with bankruptcy clerk. In that case, see my bankruptcy Motion…

For use for when authenticating business records or documents - such as local governments, vital records, medical, churches, business or organization archives etc.

A couple filed a bankruptcy against my client and since my client believed they perpetrated fraud against my client I filed this complaint in federal court to stop the bankruptcy from affecting my clients claims.

Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy Court in a state court eviction/FED case.

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