Child Support

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JDF 1418 Verified Motion Concerning Parenting Time Disputes

Order of the Court to pay child support, alimony, spousal support, or some other type of family maintenance. The child support order is a document from a court that states when, how often, and how much a parent is to pay for child support. The support order is usually incident to an action for divorce, legal separation or paternity,…

Declaration for Amended Proposed Judgment (Governmental)

DNA paternity testing is solely performed on decision of a judge in case of a judiciary procedure in order either to establish or contest paternity or to obtain or deny child support. A court order can result in an agreed order or a paternity petition. To satisfy the chain-of-custody legal requirements, all tested parties have to be properly identified and their specimens collected by…

Information Sheet—Request for Telephone Appearance (Governmental)

Response of Local Child Support Agency to Notice of Intent to Take Independent Action to Enforce Support Order (Governmental)

JDF 1404 Stipulation Regarding Child Support Modification

Notice of Motion and Declaration for Joinder of Other Parent in Governmental Action (Governmental)

Stipulation and Order Waiving Unassigned Arrears (Governmental)

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