Child Support

This is the certificate for an NY All-Purpose Notary Acknowledgement for any document to be attached OR you can type in the proper wording yourself into your document.

JDF 1418 Verified Motion Concerning Parenting Time Disputes

Order of the Court to pay child support, alimony, spousal support, or some other type of family maintenance. The child support order is a document from a court that states when, how often, and how much a parent is to pay for child support. The support order is usually incident to an action for divorce, legal separation or paternity,…

Declaration of Obligor's Income During Judgment Period-Presumed Income Set-Aside Request

Proof of Service by Mail

This contains 3 separate documents, Summons, Petition and Affidavit

Minutes and Order or Judgment (Spanish)

Responsive Declaration to Motion for Joinder of Other Parent—Consent Order of Joinder (Governmental)

JDF 1408 Motion to Terminate Child Support

Notice of Objection (Governmental)

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