Insurance Law

Defendant's motion for directed verdict under C.R.C.P 50.

Plaintiff's motion that requests that the court enter an order permitting them to amend their complaint to include a prayer for exemplary damages.

Defendant's response and objections to plaintiff's motion regarding defendant's "opportunity to settle".

Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint & Add Punitive Damages

A sample letter to send to life insurance company by a beneficiary of the life insurance policy. I recommend sending this out shortly after receiving the death certificate. Make sure to include the death certificate, as well.

This is the certificate for an NY All-Purpose Notary Acknowledgement for any document to be attached OR you can type in the proper wording yourself into your document.

Little-known wrinkle in Federal Admiralty & Maritime Law allows potential defendant to limit his potential liability to the value of the subject vessel. **Extremely useful to insurance/subrogation lawyers.

Defendant's trial brief addresses the direction to the parties on the which will be provided to the jury including whether Soriano is now the law of the case and whether the defendant can challenge the reasonableness of the arbitration award.

Document filing a complaint against a defendant who's action caused a person's death, either by negligence or intentionally. Wrongful death documents are filed by a representative of the deceased, typically a family member.

Complaint to have judgment of Court to determine the specific rights of parties without ordering punishments or rewards.

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