The art consultant agreement contract sets out the terms of a client's engagement with the consultant. Generally, consultant agreements specify what work will be done and the terms of the agreement between the client and the consultant. Sections include: Scope of Services (with descriptions of the various services) Term and Performance Compensation IP protections ...…

Downloadable Referral Agreement For Business A downloadable and easy business referral agreement that allows two businesses to both legally market each other’s services and refer potential clients to each other. Don't take the chance of potentially using an invalid document, buy a certified and reviewed document you can count on. This document's sections include: Standards…

Director agreements includes service agreements between a company and its board members. This form agreement specifies the board duties, as well as the compensation, which may be composed of director fees, shares or stock options.

This Website Purchase Agreement covers all of the critical points of a transaction including: -Related Assets included in the sale (e.g. IP, Brand, Records, Third Party Agreements, Domains, Social Media) -Payment provisions -Pre and Post - Closing Obligations -IP assignment -Warranties -Reciprocal indemnification provisions -A non-compete clause

This investors agreement states the recitals, agreement, management and control, distributions, dissolution, voting, restrictions on transfer, dispute resolution, non-competition, termination and amendment, and miscellaneous provisions.

This attorney engagement letter provides the identification of the parties, legal services provides, responsibility of attorney and client, compensation, costs, and general provisions.

This is a generic land contract for NY, to be used when someone can not get traditional bank financing and seller whats to do a land contract. additional disclosures may be needed if property built before 1978 such as lead disclosure.

Two separate documents. First is the jury questionnaire to be used to poll jury. Second document is voir dire questions in an employment/breach of contract case

Downloadable Real Estate Purchase Agreement A real estate purchase agreement is a legally binding document that specifies the conditions under which the sale will take place, as well as the terms of the transaction. Use our property purchase agreement template to list all of the important terms in a real estate transaction between a buyer…

Drafted for a client who was hiring an independent contract for consulting work on a political campaign. Can be changed to work as an independent contractor on different types of work. Includes indemnify clause, non disclosure and liability insurance.

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