How Selling Works

Unlimited Earning Potential

For every sale you make you receive 60% of that total sale. It’s never been easier to make money off of work you’ve already done!

Step One: Register as a Seller

Step two: Upload A Document

Once your document is prepared, sign in to your AttorneyDocs account and upload your document onto the marketplace.

Step three: List Your Document

Write a one or two sentence description that summarizes the nature of your document. Finally set the price for your document. Not sure what to charge? Our suggested pricing engine will recommend a price range based on the category and length of the document.

How & When Sellers Get Paid

Seller earnings will be automatically dispensed on the last business day of the month via PayPal or paper check. We recommend sellers use PayPal for maximum convenience.


AttorneyDocs is 100% Free to use.

No Signup or Membership Fees

We are in the business of enriching the lives of legal professionals all over the globe. Therefore we never charge any signup or membership fees. We simply take a small percentage of every sale that’s made.

Our dedicated staff is also here to assist you in any way you need. We will even setup your account for you, redact and upload your documents, all of free. Get started selling your legal docs today

We’ll Redact Your Documents For Free

Some sellers prefer to redact their legal documents prior to selling them on our marketplace. Redaction is not necessary if the document in question is a matter of public record. In the end, its up to you, the seller, to decide.

If you would like us to redact your documents for you, all you have to do is send us your legal documents. We’ll even setup your account and upload your documents on your behalf.

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