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This is a Last Will and Testament form that can be used by single, divorced or widowed individuals in the State of Wisconsin. It gives the estate to the decedent's children in equal shares and then passes to their grandchildren. The language is easily adaptable to inserting heirs that are not children of the decedent.

Exhume a Body


A person seeking to exhume a body must usually petition to have the body exhumed. Because of the general disinclination to disturb remains, a valid reason is required before exhumation will be allowed. Exhumation means the removal from the ground of a body or cremated remains. It also covers the disturbance of remains within a grave,…

Order of Summary Administration - Testate

This form is an Affidavit required to be filled out by the surviving spouse in order to transfer martial real estate that was titled in both names as individuals, but lacked a designation. This form must accompany the actual Transfer Of Death Deed, marriage certificate and death certificate of the deceased spouse.

Downloadable Estate Planning Questionnaire It takes only minutes to complete a simple survey that simplifies and eases the process of creating a trust, will, or estate plan. This is provided in the form of a downloadable file that you can either print out and fill out by hand, or do the same electronically. Regardless of…

Downloadable Joint Will for Married Couple without Children It takes only minutes to fill out a ready-made, downloadable Joint Will (for Married Couple without children) which eases the process of creating a joint will. This will be provided in the form of a downloadable file that you can either print out and fill out by…

Whether you are divorced, widow or just single but have children. This will can protect your children and heirs to make sure your asset go to those loved ones you left behind.

This addendum to the Last Will and Testament states the nomination of digital executor, the powers of digital executor, Texas affidavit, and letter of instructions.

This Living Will states the advance directive, life-sustaining treatment, if nutrition and hydration should be administered, any additional requests, and general provisions.

Once a person passes away, the credit bureaus should be notified that the person is no longer living in order to place a notice on the account to prevent an possible identity theft from occurring. These are three separate letters to each of the credit bureaus. They are drafted for the State of Wisconsin, but…

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