Defendant seeking to unseal docket entries prior to filing an appeal. US District Court for the District of Arizona

Whether or not the exclusionary rule applies in driver's license revocation proceedings, the express consent statute does not allow the Department of Revenue to revoke a driver's license pursuant to section 42-2-126 on the basis of a search that itself is the product of an illegal stop and arrest. In this case we argued that,…

Order Concerning Appellant's Proposed Statement on Appeal (Misdemeanor)

Attached Declaration (Court of Appeal)

If a person does not have the financial means to hire an attorney, courts will appoint a lawyer free of charge in all cases, including misdemeanors, that have the possibility of incarceration. The government appoints an attorney to represent any criminal defendant who can't afford a lawyer for a first appeal. For any subsequent appeal, the person usually must pay to hire an attorney.

Information Sheet on Waiver of Appellate Court Fees (Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Appellate Division) (Spanish)

Abandonment of Appeal (Infraction)

Order on Court Fee Waiver (Court of Appeal or Supreme Court)

Certificate of Interested Entities or Persons

Request for Dismissal of Appeal (Civil Case)

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