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What is a Marriage License?

A marriage certificate request letter is a legal document that a couple obtains prior to their marriage. The license is like an application to get your marriage certificate. Once your license is signed (during or after the ceremony) and returned to the county, a marriage certificate is issued.

If you are going to travel and have a destination wedding, make sure to have all the correct documentation and signatures before you go. Once you figure out what your state requires to get the marriage license and then certificate, all other states will recognize your home state’s certificate of marriage.

Most states do require the officiant, both spouses, and one or two witnesses to complete the marriage license. The certificate is proof that the couple is officially married. This is very important for banking, tax, and insurance purposes. Be sure to make copies of the certificate and keep them in a safe place, so that you can provide them to companies or the bank if ever necessary.

Bona Fide Marriage Affidavit

The affidavit of marriage is a form of replacement marriage certificate that can be legally utilized if your original has been lost. This certificate may be needed in a variety of situations and settings, and it serves as legal proof of your marriage.

Many times this is used in the green card process to add more depth and life to your application. It can show a well rounded sense of the relationship, proving it is not a sham. While it doesn’t have to be filed every time, it is a great way to enhance your proof of marriage.

Quality over quantity is key. You want to make sure to have a really close person to you and your spouse to write a meaningful demonstration, instead of say five half-hearted accounts of your relationship.

Submitting a marriage certificate alone will not be enough for the marriage green card. This can also be used if you were previously married, but are now divorced. This is a more official sample marriage contract than a free marriage license you find online. The free samples lack personalization to show the true nature of each person in the relationship. If you are needing to use this for a previous marriage it is a great way to show you had a legitimate marriage. This will work for many places asking for proof.

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