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What is a Medical Release Form?

When using a medical release form, a health care provider (such as a physician, dentist, hospital, chiropractor, psychiatrist, etc.) can release a patient’s medical records either directly to the patient, to a third party (such as the patient’s employer), or both.

This is important if you were, for example, in a vehicle accident and needed physical therapy, your therapist may be required to share information about the injury and treatment.

To release this information you would need a medical release form. If you are seeking disability, you would also need to give the hospital and doctors you have seen about your condition, permission to disclose your records.

This will help you show that you have been seeking help and that this disability is something that impacts your daily life. When you allow all of the people taking care of you to see your records, you are sure to get the most well rounded care for your body and mind.

HIPAA Release Form

HIPAA has many rules set up so that medical records can’t just be given away or disclosed without authorization of the patient or legal guardian. Patients benefit from the form, as it safeguards their privacy and provides them with the ability to release personal information as willingly, and it protects your right to release information as consented.

This form can be good for an undetermined amount of time, but it is recommended that you limit the date to two years or less to help prevent undisclosed sharing of your medical information. There are penalties one can face by not obtaining the correct permissions to share personal health information with anyone other than the patient.

If you do not give permission to an office to send out your records, the other doctor hoping to get your file may not receive it. You will then have to make a trip, or phone calls to get the release taken care of so that all documentation can be shared. This is helpful when you have many types of physicians at different locations, they can share your file to get you the best and holistic approach to your care. Having everyone on the same page can positively impact the care you are receiving.

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