Complaint for Stay of Deportation

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Complaint for Stay of Deportation

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A petition to file for stay of deportation

Appealing a deportation order. In some cases, a permanent resident who has been ordered deported will have a right to appeal this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the IRB. The same is true for a protected person.

You will have 30 days from the date of the immigration judge’s deportation order in which you can file an appeal with the BIA. … Deportation Orders are not necessarily final or unchallengeable. If you have a deportation case, contact an immigration attorney who can help you navigate these possibilities.

Anyone with a final order of removal or deportation can apply for an ICE stay of removal and pay a $155.00 application fee. The ice stay of removal must be filed in person at a local ICE Office and cannot be mailed or faxed to ICE. ICE will take about 90 days to make a decision on the stay of removal request.

How do you know if you have a deportation order?
Call 1 (800) 898-7180.
You can find your Alien Registration Number on any documents that you have sent or received from immigration court. Follow the instructions to find more information, such as pending charges, final decisions, which court is handling the case, and any deportation orders.

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