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Will for People Who Are Not Married but Have Children

Whether you are divorced, widow or just single but have children. This will can protect your children and heirs to make sure your asset go to those loved ones you left behind.

Medical power of attorney

Downloadable Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney

Downloadable Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney (POA) Template 

It takes only minutes to fill out a ready-made, downloadable Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney. This will be provided in the form of a downloadable file that you can either print out and fill out by hand, or do the same electronically. Since this will be a group filing, each individual involved should complete a questionnaire. Don’t take the chance of potentially using an invalid document, buy a certified and reviewed document you can count on.

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Auto Accident Lawsuit Complaint

A complaint filed in Denver District court for a rear end collision.   Lawsuit was was filed in October 2019 and included a request for jury trial and request for damages. the complaint also included a loss of consortium claim for the wife. Loss of consortium is a claim used in some tort cases that allows recovery to the non injured spouse and refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries caused by a tortfeasor or party at fault.

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Home Improvement Contract – California

This product states who the contract is between date the contract was signed, location of the contractor, contract price, licensing, approximate start date, approximate completion date, drawings, specifications, and permits, property lines, access to work, financing, standard materials, nonstandard materials, hazardous materials, work allowance and conflict, mechanics’ Lien warning, change orders and amendments, preparations and work, plumbing, electrical service, plaster, filled ground, termite work, removal of material, extra time, damage to project and insurance, commercial general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, protection of owner’s property, guarantee of materials and workmanship, work stoppage, completion and occupancy, notice, integration clause, corrective or repair work, arbitration of disputes, attorneys’ fees, and information about the contractors’ state license board.

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Guide To Colorado Unemployment Benefits

A Employee and Employer Guide to Colorado Unemployment benefits, What to expect, how to apply for unemployment benefits, Do you qualify? If you are denied, How to appeal.

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Entry of Appearance , Request for Discovery and Request to Reset Pretrial Conference

Firm was retained a day before the pretrial conference, we filed an entry of Appearance and Request for Discovery and Request to Reset the Pretrial Conference

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Motion for Sanction and/or to dismiss for destruction of evidence

A motion filed in this case, when it was determined by the defense team that a video surveillance was not obtained by the investigators or DA until it was to late. The judge denied the motion in part but allowed defense to use the lack of obtaining the evidence in their case.

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Estate and Probate Legal Documents

Order Re: Family Partnership

Great decision handed down by Denver District Court judge Regarding a claim a son made against his father for his share of real estate. Son/ Plaintiff claimed there was a family partnership that owned real estate, Father/Defendant denied a partnership and claimed he owned all the real estate separate. Judge agered that there was no partnership

Criminal Law Legal Documents

Substitution of Counsel

Substitution of Counsel changing from public defender to private counsel.

Criminal Defense Attorney Documents

Motion to Transport an Inmate

A motion filed, when client has been picked up in one jurisdiction and has court in another jurisdiction and is waiting to be picked up for court.