Reglamento boliviano para la evaluación de impacto ambiental.

Propuesta para Consultores ambientales, Legislación Boliviana

Documento traducido oficialmente

This is an Exclusive Distribution Contract, which falls in 35 pages. It has been developed by professional lawyers and implemented between a factory and a distributor overseas. The Contract consists of EIGHT Articles: Introduction; Recitals; Definitions; Mutual Non-Disclosure; Non-Circumvention; Duties & Rights of the Supplier; Duties and Rights of the Distributor; Order Procedures and Cancellation;…

A product supply agreement is an agreement between a supplier and a buyer for supply and purchase of products. The agreement specifies the terms upon which the parties agree to supply and purchase products from each other. Globalization has had a tremendous impact on trade and business all over the world. New products flood the market…



This is an MOU that was developed in Arabic to act between a factory and a consultancy in Saudi Arabia in the scope of restructuring the current business at hand and paving the road for future businesses the factory is planning to launch with a primary focus on using mathematical modeling. This MOU consists of…

The following document it's a great tool for Criminal Lawyers in the area of Finances crimes and how to indentificate them.

This 10-page NCND and Recognition of Rights Agreement was written and developed to act as a legal document between two brokers acting as mediators between a seller and a buyer, by which the two brokers confirm the financial rights of the other party in the current and future transactions. The agreement also acts as a…

The Organic statute of the San Simon University, located in Cochabamba - Bolivia

It is highly important you make the necessary changes in accordance with the nature and background of your business and the signing parties. Consult your attorney before you implement this contract as is.

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