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Downloadable Business Management & Consulting Agreement

Easy and downloadable business management and consulting agreement template. It is used when entering an agreement for an individual or consultant to manage a business or interest of another. Management agreements should be used more for independent contractors or short-term employees that would set parameters on how the consultant manager should handle some duties.

Don’t take the chance of potentially using an invalid document, buy a certified and reviewed document you can count on. We make it easy and affordable to get the legal documents you need.



What is a business management agreement?

The purpose of a business management agreement is to establish a contract for an individual or consultant to manage a business or interest for another. Consultant managers often use management agreements to define how they handle their duties for independent contractors and short-term employees.

What should be included in a business management agreement, is there a template?

The easiest way to write consulting and business management agreements is to use a template. It will make the process faster and smoother, and you will know you are receiving a reliable document. With a simple and quick template, a process that would be time-consuming and tedious becomes simplified. Don’t make the process harder than it needs to be, get a template for yourself.

Are business management contracts legally binding?

Business management contracts are legally binding if they have been drafted by business law legal experts. Avoid the use of a non-legitimate document by purchasing a document that is properly certified and thoroughly reviewed. When you purchase a template, you can be assured it will be written by an actual lawyer based on the latest case law.


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