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Remodeling Contract Template

Utilize this easy and fast remodeling contract template. It’s mandatory for contractors providing residential remodeling services to prepare a Remodeling Contract that contains legal terms and conditions.




Remodeling Contract

What is a Real Estate Remodeling Contract? 

Contractors who provide residential remodeling services are required to prepare an independent contractor agreement as an extensive document. In addition to defining the scope and price of the work, this independent contractor agreement includes legal terms and conditions.

How do I write a Contractor Agreement, is there a template? 

You can use our available template to make your contractor agreement with ease. You will then have everything you need in order to conduct your business legally. 

Are Real Estate Remodeling contracts legally binding? 

As long as your real estate remodeling contract is a certified legal document then it is legally binding. You can ensure the validity of your document by selecting one from our selection. All documents are reviewed by our team to ensure that they are legally certified. 

What should be included in a Real Estate Remodeling contract? 

Some basic features you will want to have in your real estate remodeling contract are the basic legal terms and conditions for the contract as well as defining the cost and scope of the work at hand.

This real estate remodeling contract includes:

  • who the contract is between
  • date the contract was signed
  • the contractor’s address
  • project address
  • contract price
  • licensing
  • approximate start date
  • approximate completion date
  • drawings and permits
  • property lines
  • access to work
  • financing
  • standard materials
  • nonstandard materials
  • hazardous materials
  • work allowance and conflict
  • mechanics’ lien warning
  • change orders and amendments
  • preparation and work
  • extra work and changes
  • plumbing
  • electrical service
  • plaster
  • filled ground or rock
  • termite work
  • removal of material and debris
  • extra time
  • damage to project and insurance
  • commercial general liability insurance
  • workers compensation insurance
  • protections of owner’s property
  • guarantee of materials and workmanship
  • work stoppage
  • completion and occupancy
  • notice
  • integration clause
  • corrective or repair work
  • arbitration of disputes
  • attorneys’ fees
  • and information about contractors’ state license board

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