What is a lead referral agreement?

This referral agreement template is a formal contract between two parties in which one suggests potential customers to the other, in exchange for compensation. Additionally, a referral agreement can be made where both parties refer clients and market services for each other. This can legally secure a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties.

How do I write a referral agreement for business, is there a template?

The easiest way to write a referral contract for a business is to use an already existing available template. This will help make the process faster and easier while you can also be assured that you have a document you can trust. Drafting a referral agreement can be a simple and quick task, save your valuable time and energy and get a template for yourself.

Are mutual referral agreements legally binding between businesses?

Mutual referral agreements are legally binding contracts between businesses if they have been drafted by legal experts in business law. We strongly advise you to obtain one of our available templates, a legally certified document written by a real attorney that contains actual case law and citations. 

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