This product states the changes in policy, employment-at-will, and employment policies, such as, employee classifications, equal employment opportunity, confidentiality, employment of minors, employment of relatives, personnel records and employee references, privacy, immigration law compliance, and political neutrality. It also states the hours of work and payroll practices, such as, pay periods and paydays, overtime, rest and meal periods, time cards, payroll deductions, wage garnishment, direct deposit, Fair pay act. It also states the standards of conduct and employee performance, such as, anti-harassment and discrimination, attendance, discipline and standards of conduct, dress code, safety, substance and abuse, workplace searches, internet and computer use policy and cell phone policy. Also states the employee benefits and services, including, group health insurance, 401(k) plan, COBRA, worker’s compensation, FICA, and unemployment insurance. Lastly it states employee leaves of absence and time off, including, sick days, healthy workplace healthy family acct, paid family leave benefits, notice of domestic violence leave and accommodation rights, family and medical leave, workers’ compensation leave, bereavement leave, jury duty and voting time.

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