Online sales are growing! Ecommerce sites last year have topped $1 trillion worldwide, and that’s just one of the many reasons you should consider selling online today!

At Lawyers Help Lawyers, we aim to directly help two kinds of businessmen or entrepreneurs: small practices looking to see their company grow and/or established individuals with a passion or interest in their work who would translate well into our niche of “Lawyers helping one another”.

If you’re one of the folks, these are the reasons you should consider selling your legal documents online now:

  1. Making Money Selling Online is Simple, Fast and Effective

Ecommerce sales represent 10% of American retail spending, excluding food, gas, and automobiles, in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Now in 2018, economic history is made with electronic commerce representing such a significant part of the total available market.

Lawyers Help Lawyers offers opportunities to make money selling online with documents you have already created and used yourself.

Where Opportunity exists, entrepreneurs can excel.

  1. Shoppers Are Online Already

Consider that 78 percent of the total U.S. are active Internet users, which is a Internet World States usage and population service statistic, your customers are technically already online.

Given that customers are consistently looking for things to buy, ecommerce sellers, like yourself potentially, do not need to build a demand.

All you need to do is access a large market that already exists.

Did I forget to mention we have 6,000 documents on our database?

  1. Mobile Devices Are Sales Drivers

As a percentage of total online sales, mobile has risen, and will eventually surpass lab top devices for transactions.

Last year total online sales reach to heights of 40% on mobile devices (156.28 Billion in 2017).

Continued growth and adoption of the mobile internet could represent a huge opportunity for everyone, including on-the-go legal professionals

Lawyers like this will be apt to buy documents in a rush and in turn will find you on our site.

  1. Online Provides Better Customer Support

A key factor in value for us is customer support. We can provide acquisition and retention far more effectively through the use of the internet, which in general means better satisfaction for you, with the increased amount of probability for everyone.

  1. Ability to Do Business 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

Wait… so if the internet never closes, does that mean you can make money while you sleep?

Of course! That is the greatest advantages of online shopping! It is always open 24 hours year-round.

So, really, at Lawyers Help Lawyers you are always on the money clock.

Signing up is free and so is selling!

All you need to do is sign up and upload your documents to start making money today!

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