Sergeant Deloitte

The Big Four War has begun… an empire expanding on to new terrain, looking to neither promote competition or want any. From the quartet, Deloitte’s latest mission will see them to offer legal services across South East Asia with a fully licensed foreign law practice that is independent from their auditing service; thus, closing the doors to full on-conflict of interest, but still able to sell billions of dollars’ worth of business advice to those same companies who they currently audit. A bold move by the sergeant of the group to provide more of a holistic service to its clients, setting the lead for their allies, EY and PwC.

Deloitte Legal International, the newly made-separate entity, will be serving clients from a wide range of industries with more than 2000 legal professionals at their disposal, spread across 80 countries around the globe. Advising in areas including international trade, structured trade and commodity finance, infrastructure, commercial law, etc. There is even a special offer that Deloitte Legal International extends into developing markets, and this announcement follows similar additions of legal services by other Big Four members.

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