Failure to Disclose COVID

Does that give you a right to sue?

As we begin to exit the first wave of COVID, citizens that were left in the dark are now questioning their rights. Millions of people have experienced loss on a scale unseen since the Great Recession, and many are seeking to file lawsuits against employers, companies, governments, and more. 

There have been over 800 lawsuits filed due to the novel coronavirus, and more than a quarter of them dealt with prison conditions (ABA Journal). Following the prison claims were lawsuits involving insurance disputes, contracts, and civil rights which targeted defendants such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, airlines, cruise lines, fitness chains, and the entertainment industry (Justice Counts).  

One of the more recent lawsuits targets Amazon and claims that a lack of COVID-19 protections at its Staten Island facility has not only put workers at risk, but also their families (CNN).

While it’s not yet certain how the courts will handle coronavirus-related lawsuits, our lawyers do expect some workers who contract the illness at work to qualify for benefits. In the context of a potential lawsuit, establishing personal injury liability would require showing that the defendant actually passed the infection or failed to comply with government-issued instructions related to the current pandemic. 

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A judge in Illinois denied a motion by McDonald’s Corporation to dismiss a case brought by five workers alleging the company didn’t provide enough equipment to protect them from the spread of the coronavirus. The lawsuit argues that McDonald’s efforts go against government recommendations and put the workers at risk by not providing proper training.

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