Sharing is Caring… and Money Making

So it’s sort of a new thing, the “Sharing Economy”, and if you think you haven’t heard of it, think again! Ride-share services like Uber and Lyft and space-sharing services like Airbnb have revolutionized their industries and opened doors for all kinds of newcomers: there’s even pet-sharing companies!

Now, legal professionals have a chance to join the sharing economy as well. The fact is, any legal documents that have been filed in district or federal courts are public record. This means at some point, a fellow legal professional could access your work and re-purpose it for their own use. But instead of digging through endless public record files, document-sharing service Lawyers Help Lawyers does this in a much more efficient manner.

Lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, court clerks and anyone else involved in the legal profession can now actually make money off those documents by uploading them to! Professionals seeking documents can then find them through our streamlined system and purchase them directly. To put it simply, it’s eBay for lawyers.

We realize this is a new idea for the legal profession, but the industry is slowly catching up to the technological revolution that has already changed (and will continue to change) the face of countless other industries. So many other professionals have successfully transformed the way they work and the legal community has no time to hesitate.

Lawyers Help Lawyers is here to help usher in a new era of legal practice. The time is now; the tools are here. Click here to get started today.