Law on the go

Where do you go for law documents?

When it comes to drafting documents, attorneys are looking elsewhere to save time. Many sites and platforms allow you to build your own document from a template, but that’s no different from drafting your own from scratch. On top of that you have to pay a subscription fee, which is more money spent on something that isn’t helping you save time. 

Besides sharing with a colleague, what other access to documents do you have? 

The simple answer: AttorneyDocs. 

The only website to buy and sell certified legal documents. Our documents come directly from actual attorneys and have a wide variety of documents from contracts, motions, briefs, trial-prep materials and more. AttorneyDocs is essentially your new digital briefcase and allows you to access over 6,000 legal documents quickly and easily. We bring the documents you need right to your mobile device and never charge you any signup or membership fees. We simply take a small percentage of every sale that’s made. 

Our dedicated staff is also here to assist you in any way you need. In fact, we will even set up your account for you, redact and upload your documents, all for free. 

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